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Talking about MARINA's albums.... and other global stuff...

Hi everyone! Today I wanna talk about singer MARINA. I've heard her  songs before one of them was "Primadonna". I've listened her 3 albums which are:

"Electra Heart" Deluxe version. Like I really liked this album because like her voice is amazing also the electronical music was very good. . I was like so surprised because in one song she's so confident and other song sucicidial. I was very surprised like how good this album really was! When I listened "Primadonna" I found a genius lyrics and she said some interesting things which  I liked some things she said, for example:
It’s about not needing anybody when it comes to love—your raison d'ĂŞtre is to live for adoration. I knew when I got the idea to write it that it would hopefully change my career. I think I just thought of the title one night before I went to bed and I wrote it down and then about two months later I wrote it. And really it’s about wanting to be number one, and not necessar…
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EBA 2019 results, Am I disappointed?

Tsauki! Tänane postitus on siis eesti keeles :). Eile toimus EBA 2019 auhindade üleandmine Vabal Laval. Enne seda toimus loomulikult ka Meet&Greet mille laivi ma Õhtulehe fb lehel vaatasin ja mulle väga meeldis see. Triinu-Liis oli väga tore ja blogijaid oli ka huvitav kuulata, leidsin isegi uue laheda blogija keda hakkasin kohe jälgima. Selleks oli Kodu Otsides blogi autor. Kes tahab Meet&Greeti järele vaadata, seda saab thea SIIT.

Auhindade üleandmist ma hakkasin ise väga hilja vaatama :D, mingi kella 23 paiku ja palju palju õnne kõikidele võitjatele!! Te olete seda väärt ja olete pingutanud väga palju selle üle, also mulle meeldib see, et eestis ikka veel blogitakse!! Ja omg korraldajad on väga suure töö ära teinud! Suur tänu ka neile! Mulle väga meeldis ka Meelise kõne :). Kes tahab auhindade jagamist järgi vaadata, seda saab teha SIIT
Nüüd aga lähme tulemuste juurde. Lisan siia ka pildi nendest:

Ma jäin jälle viimaseks :D, mul pole enam halb tuju sellepärast, sest mul o…

"You" series

So I finished this series maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago and I have to say I liked this series and I definitely loved character named Peach, she was so smart, but maybe mean girl :D...
Joe was very surprising character because at one moment I thought that he will get caught, but he didn't :D...
But I was so disappointed because Beck were dead at the end of the series and one character annoyed me so much!! It was Paco... like Beck begged him to help her, but Paco just stayed there and almost cried and run out... like what are you doing?? Oh and lets not forget that when he and her mom started to move out he said something he(Joe) could put all these bad things behind him... like AGGHHHH!!!!

Oh and we found out that Candace was alive... like this was a fucking plot twist!!! I was so shook when I saw this!!!
So I talked about this show with my friend and he said like Beck's death was really interesting, because when we watch these kind of movies/series a good guy always surv…

Myday 6.06.19

Hi I went today to the city with my mom and my sister. We went to the different shops and I got like maybe 3 things and I'm so happy because of them! I put pics down below:

1st thing which I wanted to try was Charcoal Pore Strips by 7th Heaven... when I got home I tried these pore strips immediately and at first my nose itched a little bit it was on my nose like 20 mins and when I took it away on my nose like first time really worked and pores really were in this pore strip :D

Second thing which I really wanted was this book " 100 ways to be reformed and bloom" And everyday I'll read one tip and then I have a thing which I have to do this day, for example in day 7 I have to love my problems and think which are good and bad things in this problem,.. it's really good book and maybe one day I'll blog about this book :)

And finally this t-shirt! It looks so good and I LOVE it so much!
Like loook how cool it is!! I definitely wore this somedayđź’“

I want to say that…

New blog theme

Hi again everyone! As you all can see I updated my blog theme :). And I'm pretty satisfied with it! Like I didn't like the old one anymore and I just watched like 5 more themes and I didn't know which one to pick :D... But now I made a decision and I had to change the gadgets in my blog... omgg this was pain in my ass really! Like it wasn't quite good at first, and all my old gadgets were gone, but luckily same gadgets which I had in old theme are now in my new theme too, so yay!!

I really like this new theme and I also made an profile for me :D you can also subscribe my blog so easily now!! And the background of my blog is also pretty good :).
I remember when my blog was on Wordpress and I changed my blog theme like omgg in one month like 10 times?? Because I wasn't satisfied, but this one is like almost same as on Wordpress :).

But yeah I don't know what to say anymore, so enjoy my blog :) !!


My most favorite pins... and other things...

Hello! Today I wanna add to my blog like my most 10 favorite pins which I've had on my Pinterest page :). 
Btw if you wanna follow me link is here:

I'm happy...

Hi everyone! I'm really thinking about like should I publish this blog post or not...  Anyway... I have felt little bit sad about my blogging habit and all blog thing, example I thought that I'll be again last one on EBA(I've taken part now like 3 times and two times I've been last one :D...) 
But now I'm happy because ppl all around the world has visited my site and I have like maybe 4 comments also :D Thank you guys!! I'm still so happy about one interview with Ă•htuleht (which happened like 2 years ago??) (it was because EBA) and guess what! Ă•htuleht is doing interview again with bloggers and they haven't sent the questions to me... SHAME ON YOU Ă•L!... okay I'm kidding :D and this blog post isn't this ("OMG LOOK AT ME, I'M FAMOUS") like hell nah! I'm not, I'm like small-time blogger and I enjoy it and I wanna show other small-time bloggers that it's okay that you don't have like soo much comments/likes/followers.... …